Earth Space Yearly Subscription

February 2019 bundle - top tips for energy clearing

February video, Top Tips, meditation and Imbolc Bonus

Imbolc bonus

This is your bonus Wheel of the Year celebration for Imbolc.

March 2019 bundle - empaths

March Bundle with video, pdf and meditation on Empaths.

Ostara bonus

Ostara/Spring Equinox Bonus Bundle

April 2019 bundle - confidence

April Bundle on Confidence

May 2019 bundle - self-esteem

May Bundle on Self-Esteem

Beltane bonus

Beltane Bonus Bundle

June 2019 bundle - grounding

June Bundle - Grounding

Litha bonus

Litha/Summer Solstice Bonus Bundle

July 2019 bundle - pendulums

July Bundle - Pendulums

August 2019 bundle - the clairs

August Bundle - the clairs

Lammas bonus

This is your Lammas Bonus Module